The Peoples Ashram, Madhyanandi & Trika Yoga

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THE PEOPLE’S ASHRAM is new to Asheville.  Presently, classes are being held at Madhyanandi’s home studio.  In this way, we are able to share our spiritual practice on a purely donation basis.  In time, we hope to relocate to a permanent facility where the Ashram can offer a non-denominational meditation sanctuary,  classes in yoga and meditation, as well as instruction in the Trika philosophy of Pratyabijna, or Self-recognition.

Trika yoga is a path to freedom and enlightenment.  Madhyanandi’s teachings are based on her more than twenty years of yoga and meditation practice.  Here’s her story:

“One evening in 1994, following several years of intense yoga practice and personal transformation, I was sitting in meditation.  Suddenly, as if from the center of the earth, an energy burst through the base of my spine, rushed upwards through my body and burst again through the top of my head.  I was filled with indescribable peace and joy.  I no longer perceived myself as different from the world around me.  No longer was anything foreign to me.  I experienced the fluid connection that yokes all things together as a single, elegant Being.

From that event to the present, Mother Kundalini has led me, taught me and, at times, chastened me.  I have spent thousands of wonderful hours in meditation and devotion.  I have followed the path of  the awakened Kundalini shakti through the journey of the chakras.  I can tell you that the chakras and the subtle energies that link our microcosmic body/minds with the macrocosmic Self are real and tangible.  They are not the creations or property of the marketplace, popular culture, or spiritual self help publications.  The path of awakening Kundalini and following Her leadership from root to crown, from the evolution of ecstasies gross to subtle, is an immeasurable treasure.  My friends, I know what it is like to experience a whole new character and quality of life.  This is the gift that the divine Mother continues to bestow upon me.

My journey has not been an easy one.  Regardless of what anyone may claim, the path to utter and complete joy and contentment is not easy–simple, in many respects–but not easy.

If you surrender EVERYTHING that you believe you are–from the thoughts in your head to the sensations that comprise your bodily awareness, what you have surrendered will be returned to you a thousand fold.  You will discover a life that exists entirely in the Present Moment.  Your heart, mind and body will be liberated with the recognition that all you see and experience is your own Self–and that the Self that you recognize is the joyfully, eternal NOW.  For, the simple truth of enlightenment is that nothing exists that is not the Present Moment.  YOU ARE NOW.  Literally.  Entirely.  Joyously.

Trika yoga is a millenia-old tantric tradition originating from the Kashmir region of India.  This is an oral tradition.  The potency of this yoga is in the relationship between yourself, God (Shiva/Shakti) & the guidance of one who is awakened.  That is what I offer.  I beg the goddess, Mother Kundalini, to bless me with the compassion, wisdom and Realization that may assist you–whoever you are–in discovering that you are, as I am, that God Shiva/Shakti that is the source and substance of this Universal Now.”

INTERESTED STUDENTS:  Please come for a session and we will work a little and meditate a little.  There is no fee.  There is only one way to discover whether this or that teacher or teachings may be right for you–the direct exchange of spiritual energy.  If what you read here speaks to you at all, let’s talk about it together.

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