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“Universal Consciousness is one’s own nature…

Knowing the individual consciousness as one’s

own nature and not knowing the Universal Consciousness

as one’s own nature is bondage.” Siva Sutras, vss 1&2



Kiss the sensations of the day

Worship the pink of an elderly man’s cheeks

Invite the vibrant white of a young woman’s

blouse to pulse thru your bones


Be very still and feel

the friction of blue jeaned

thighs swish-swishing

against your breast,

penetrating your skin

and vibrating along

your spine


Some say we are surrounded by impermanence

they say–‘contemplate the impermanence

that everywhere deceives

and hides the real behind the unreal,

the true beneath the untrue’,

‘Seek that,’ they say,

that is not this,

or this,

or this…


I say,

Not a moment passes

that is not full of ME,


I am your baby’s

soft skin-

Observe me

and you will

know yourself


I am the melody

of your thoughts,

listen to me

and all songs

become One.


I am the gravity

in your footsteps-

feel me and

walk the length

and breadth of

the cosmos


To live with

abiding joy,

one need only

surrender the illusion

that each is not One,

that always is

not Now,

that the infinite

is not Present.







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Meditation fulfills its promise when it becomes effortless.

When you have invested your heart and soul to your daily meditation practice, the time will arrive when you will simply sit and enjoy.  What required effort for so long now proceeds automatically.  The body releases tension, the need for busy-ness in the mind ceases.

When surrender reaches its full potential effort is no longer required to experience the divinity of the temple of the body/mind.  You sit and you drink from the Source.

You begin to recognize that the Source is the substance of your living experience.  Actions come not from thought, but from the wholeness that is the Source.  The instrument of the body/mind may reflect upon choices available to you, but from the Source comes the choosing.

Traditions call this meditative experience variously, samadhi, contemplative absorption, etc.

Trika tradition calls this stage of evolution, abiding in the Heart.

For Trika tantra, all knowledge, will and actions arrive from the divine Agent, and all beings are that Agent.  One universal subjectivity exists as the temple of the Universe.

When we drink from the Source, when we abide in the Heart, we recognize the essential belongingness that characterizes Our Universal Being.  All that can be recognized belongs.

Drink from the Source and you will see, hear and feel–you will recognize all the world as your own body.  Your skin will not end at your fingertips.  Your sight will not cease with the disappearance of the sun, you will hear with the ears of the Universe.  All that is, belongs to You.

I am all that I am.


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The path to an extraordinary quality of life is simple.  Two words: Let Go.

Let go, let go and let go some more.

Of physical tension, emotional stress–well, just everything.

You are driving to work.  Try this little assessment exercise.  Tune in acutely to what happens to the temple of your body/mind while you drive.  You try to maneuver to the right lane.  The car behind you speeds up.  Tension in the body–feel it, be aware of it.  Tension in the mind.  The mind and body are NOT separate.  What occurs to one, also happens to the other.

You see the driver ahead of you talking on a cell phone.  Tension in the mind/body.  Traffic bunches up, you may be late for work if things don’t clear up.  Stress in the body/mind. 

You had a disagreement yesterday with the co-worker who sits across from you.  Tension in the body/mind.

Your son didn’t receive a single grade better than a C on his grade report.  Tension in the body/mind.  You look at the sky.  It might snow.  Your tires are not in great shape.  Tension in the body/mind.

Our days and nights are filled with hundreds of “microtensions.”

It is not just the big things that cause us to suffer.  It is all those little stresses that accumulate throughout the days, weeks, months and years. 

We learn to “numb” ourselves to the existence of constant physical and emotional tension.  We literally divorce our awareness from parts of our bodies where stress causes muscles to clinch.  We avoid thinking about so many things.  We live in denial.  There is so much pain!

So, Let go!

Yeah.  A simple dictum to understand but not so easy to accomplish.

Do you want to evolve as a person? As a human being?  Don’t wait for ineffable truths.  Don’t look for secret formulas.  Don’t rely on another human being–guru, teacher or otherwise.

Practice–that is the secret.  Not what you know or believe.

Surrender physical tension by initiating breathing exercises.  Before you get up in the morning.  When you lie in bed at night.  Lay flat on your back with your arms at your sides and practice long, deep breathing.

Practice breathing every chance you get.  Challenge yourself to extend your breath capacity over time.  Cultivating breath control will help you to begin to get in touch with the temple of your body/mind.  With greater awareness of the sensations of your body, of the content of your mind, comes the increased capacity to let go.  First you face, then you release.

Surrender mental and emotional tensions by performing simple chants.  Make up your own prayer.  Something simple.  Find a mantra you like, Om Namah Shivaye.  Om Tara tuttare…etc.  Here’s one that I made up for myself years ago: The One is the breath, the breath is the blood, the blood is the bone, the bone is the flesh, the flesh is the many, the many is the One.

A simpler mantra.  Yim-yeem-yame-yam-yahm-yum-yohm-yoom.  Eight syllables that have the power to displace negative thoughts, repetitious thoughts, persistent dialoguing, constant scripting, etc, etc.

You know as well as I do that 90% of the thoughts in your head, the images, the reinforcements, ad infinitum, are unnecessary.  Simple as that.  We don’t need ’em.  Evolve, my friends. Displace and replace.  Displace all that wasteful content.  Replace with your mantra.  In time, you will discover that the mantra will be replaced by silent stillness.  Quiet will reign where once a tempest roared.

And meditate.  Don’t wait for instruction.  Just set your alarm, get comfortable–but not too comfortable.  Put in some earplugs and learn who you are from the inside.  The sounds, the sensations.  Troublesome at first, perhaps, but in time, these sounds and sensations will become the gateway whereby the temple of the body/mind moves from stress to stillness, from tension to tranquility.

There is no sound in the universe more sacred and powerful than the inner OM that you will discover when your mind and body become quiet.  You thought that all that OM stuff was just some Hindu or Buddhist mythology?  You didn’t realize that there truly is an OM and when your body/mind are sufficiently still and silent, that you will hear that OM?  You saw the bumper stickers and thought, “another hippie yoga idiot.”

OM is real.  When you hear OM, you will never forget it.  When you focus your attention on OM you will descend into a quality of blissful stillness that, quite frankly, you are at this moment incapable of imagining.

For the path of Trika, there is a pyramid of evolution: the Sound, the Light and the Sensation.

The sound is OM.  The light is the recognition of the One Light that illumines all things everywhere–from the thoughts inside your head to the grass and trees and buildings.  The Sensation is Kundalini.  When you awaken to the sensations of your body/mind you awaken to the sensation of the universe and to that One Sensation that is the originating vibration of all things everywhere.

Meditate on the Sound, the Light and the Sensation.  Let go of everything that stands between your perception of Sound, Light and Sensation. 

You will arrive at that great lake of universal awareness–that lake of consciousness where no separation exists between the One and the many.  One consciousness: one will, one knowledge, one action.  There is no transcendence, nor immanence.  No witnesser or witnessed.  There is the constant experience of the dynamic identity of the one with the many.

Practice, discipline, arrives at the experience of truth.

Truth will never be one stop shopping.  There won’t ever be an absolute undeniable “truth” that all persons will perceive equally and alike.  There’s only the truth of experience.  And when you let go of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, prejudices–when you surrender all the tension in the temple of the body/mind–when nothing that you see, hear or feel separates you from the living experience that only One Identity exists, you will be free to enjoy and perform on the stage of life free of strife.  No pain, no suffering.  Period.